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Square Orange is a market leader in shaping of Business Culture and Change within your organisation. Through creative, interactive, engaging and above all proven learning resources we provide high impact bespoke solutions through innovative development and facilitation.

An organisation who embrace’s Business Culture within their day-to-day operation have a more engaged, enabled, empowered and inclusive workforce.



Understanding what equality and diversity can mean for your organisation needn’t be difficult. Here at Square Orange we’re passionate about what we do and want to help you develop a team of equally passionate and motivated people. We want people to get excited about equality and diversity and help them understand the possibilities and potential just waiting to be unlocked in your organisation.

At Square Orange we work closely with organisations to make sure we fully understand your specific sector, organisational needs, and business culture. This allows us to fully tailor and bespoke our services to meet your expectations.

Our training programmes are designed to be challenging and get staff at all levels thinking about equality and diversity differently in particular with relation to the impact on the business / service delivery.

At Square Orange we believe that this process should not be daunting or difficult for your workforce. The materials and techniques we have developed are engaging and enjoyable.Our training is specifically designed to be fully integrated into your business - part of your overall business thinking at every level - so that it can become a cornerstone for growth.